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Personal Phone J-Sky and i-mode page
Backgroud page and Liquid crystal

  • Rainbow-colored Liquid Crystal ->> How to make Liquid Crystal accessories
  • Applications spreadsheet programs (Lotus 1-2-3 or Excel etc.) to fields of science and technology
  • 32bit OS Linux ->> Linux became something of a topic of conversation in the computer uses.
    Here Introduced above subjects.


    MultimediaTeaching Material Infomation System

    Internet system will introduce all public schools in near feature.
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    Liquid Crystal Liquid Crystaletc

    Linux How to used Linux in the case of science and technology. Computer application for edcation Application computer to edcation
  • Inside of CPU
  • The Contour data of Mt. Fuji

  • Introduction of Itou Satoshi

    Itou Satoshi